Plant Trees for Free: 1.2.0 Release Notes

Plant Trees for Free: 1.2.0 Release Notes

Yes. Planting Trees. Free. For everyone.

This update is small but mighty. I’m very excited to let everyone know that Plutus will now be planting real trees as you collect digital receipts! Now, you can save trees and plant trees — just by opting for digital receipts. Pretty sick, right?

As a reminder, Plutus is an official partner of Eden Reforestation Projects, and we plant trees in impoverished communities in nations such as Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Haiti, and more. Each tree helps to stabilize local economies and is native to the region it’s being planted in. In addition, the seedlings have a top-tier 80% survival rate, so you can be confident that your trees will actually produce some good.

If you already are a member of the Plutus community, click the Tree button on the app’s Home page to learn more. If you’re looking to download the app, you can download it on iOS or Android. And if you’d like to get a rundown of all the features included in the app, start with our first release notes, and work your way through the blog. I promise, the posts are all quick reads!

Finally, if you’re big into planting trees but have no interest in a new app (or aren’t located in the US — sorry, we’re working on it!), you can actually plant trees with us online! It’s $1 for 1 tree, and you can make a one-time purchase or a recurring one. Hint: you can purchase these trees for a little cheaper in the app!

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your interest in our community.


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